‘Ocean Eyes’


Lofuotta/Láfot/Lofoten Islands, Norway/Sápmi

Curated by Valentinas Klimašauskas




Image/text(above) kindly borrowed from the book "Villains of all nations" by Marcus Rediker.

Riso Printed, and part of a publication about Queer Pirates by Pia Eikaas.

The Ocean holds many stories, it’s a place. A place for rebellions, for abuse of power and resources, it’s a place for human misery, and humans exploiting other humans.


the ocean is also unpredictable, a meeting place for different currents, cultures,(a pre-internet space),with songs being shared, of rebels leaving capitalist ideas of how to organize communities, not being willing to see work and labor for the wealthy and powerful as an option, of slaves rebelling, of people, proletarians, of different backgrounds coming together and dismantling hierarchies, of comradeships, of ships being filled with friendship, matelotage, of negating the church, state and other oppressive structures.


the queer Pirate as a thief or disrupting element in the hetro-capitalist order of things.

Giving us the imagination to see other possible forms of living and living together.