Gisa Pantel

Schauma(when attitudes become foam)

By Anne Nora Fischer
Duration approx 25 min.
Performed by Karis Zidore, Olivia Rivere & Sebastian Kahr Rasmussen

We are suspended between the hope of an encounter, the need for intimacy, the excitement of the novelty, the violence of letting go and the anxiety of being known. Somewhere on a dance floor, in an apartment that is not yours, on the streets, in the movies and all the love songs. This performance is about romance, it is about romanticism, it is about being both the imitation and the imitated. It is a about being damaged. Being the one who contaminates. Being pure. Pollution.

Xo yours forever TT

Rune Bosse

Condensed Matter

”In the life of a plant this principle shows itself most conspicuously where the green leaf is heightened into the flower. While progressing from leaf to flower the plant undergoes a decisive ebb in its vitality. Compared with the leaf, the flower is a dying organ. This dying, however, is a kind we may aptly call a ”dying into being”. Life in its mere vegetative form is here seen withdrawing in order that a higher manifestation of the spirit may take place. The same principle can be seen at work in the insect kingdom, when the caterpillar's tremendous vitality passes over into the short-lived beauty of the butterfly.

After achieving its masterpiece in the flower, the plant once more goes through a process of withdrawal, this time into the tiny organs of fertilization. After fertilization, the fruit begins to swell; once more the plant produces an organ with more or less conspicuous spatial extension, this is followed by a final and extreme contraction in the forming of the seed inside the fruit, in the seed the plant gives up all outer appearance to such a degree that nothing seems to remain but a small, insignificant speck of organized matter...

Yet this tiny, inconspicuous thing bears in it the power of bringing forth a whole new plant.”

-Ernst Lehr

Finn Naur Petersen

Oasen lyser på sandet

Forsølvet Gulerødder

Kah Bee Chow

Fugitive, 2013

Sawn penguin ornament, sand, expanding foam, wood glue, silicone, cigarette butts

Christine Overvad Hansen

Safari Club

Aluminium, ostrich skin, stainless steel mount

30 x 12 x 2 cm

Green-eyed Monster

Aluminium, emeralds, lead, leather, stainless steel mount 42 x 32 x 3 cm

Deceptor Rabbit

Fabric, stainless steel mount 90 x 50 x 4 cm

Bjarke Jepsen

By following the central axis northward we will meet after 250 days

Print on tyvek

Sleeping pad

Steel Magnets

Coral stone



Sleeping pad  



Flint arrowhead

Birk Bjørlo

Smudge painting I 2018
Ink and silicon on plexiglass, 40x33cm

Smudge painting II 2018
Ink and silicon on plexiglass,

Claus Haxhom

Firecleanse/afgrænsningen/On both sides

3 Håndkleder med print

Ingrid Forland

Power Nap

lerredstof, polyesterstof, klikspænder, bånd, lynlåse, skum

Henning Lundkvist

Logos & Signs, 2018

Digital prints on digital print, frame A3

Henriette Heise

Den Deprimerede Planet

The Depressed Planet

Chroma key maling
og tavlelak på lærred

Anna Ørberg

Uden titel(Culture Vulture)

Akryl og spray på lærred, tørrestativ(drying rack), Klemmer.

Jonas Frederiksen

Kid s playing in a park, 2018

Inkjet print on hahnemühle paper, framed 50 x 70 cm

Kids playing in a park, 2018

Inkjet print on hahnemühle paper, framed 50 x 70 cm

Vebjørn Guttormsgaard Møllberg

Let The Light In

Green velour vest with dried white sage and white thread, amber necklace, mercedes star and walkman with a 5 sec. tape loop.

Anna Moderato

Nothing right in my left brain, nothing left in my right brain.

UV sensitive akrylpærler, glasfiber net, nylon tråd, PVC-plast, UV LED lys, lærredstape

Owen Griffiths and Fern Thomas

Making More Myth Making, 2018

Xenia Xamanek Lopez






Mette Clausen

Værn mod sorg


Lea Guldditte Hestelund

Amulet for protection(series)

Marble and leather

Lucas W. Melkane


Løbende Toilet, Faldstamme.

Kasper Hesselbjerg

Atlas(Consistency and Assimilation)(2015)

Collage 59*42cm

Kristian Byskov

3 Metamorphoses

Kirk, Strauss and flowers from an Autumn bouquet

Margarita del Carmen

Flags for the waves between us

2 flagg:Bemalet Stof, stålkabler

Karl Isakson

Stilleben (detalj) 12,

(It's ok, we've all seen better days). 2018

Färgfotografi (inkjet) 110 x 137,5 cm

Esben Gyldenløve og Elisabeth Gregersen

“I went back to Marseille to forget about you, but everyone here looks like you”.2018

Hand colored cotton, my mother's old yellow work coat

Moa Alskog

Ursula Carrier Bag